Ginnys Guitar Lab

is a Gold Coast Based, Guitar & Music School, which Offers professional quality Music Lessons to Students Beginners to Advanced.

Ginnys Guitar Lab offers expert Tuition in the Following Instruments:

Electric Guitar

We at Ginnys Guitar Lab have an Obsession with playing Electric Guitar. We love the Vituossic masters like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen (too many too name them all), as well as the Blues Greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B King, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa (again to many to name them all), as well as Country Greats like, Johnny Hiland, Brad Paisley (you guessed, it, can't name them all) If you are havent't picked up an Electric guitar yet, and are interested in learning the essential skills and techiniques required for playing the Electric guitar well, we would love to help develop your playing. If you have been playing Electric guitar for some time, but can't seem to progress to the next level of playing you desire, please allow us to guide thru the steps necessary to achieve this goal.

Acoustic Guitar 

Ginnys Guitar Lab team members currently play Acoustic Gigs all over South East Queensland.
We are proficient in various Acoustic guitar Styles like: Finger Style Picking, Flat Picking, Percussive Playing, and teach various Genre's including; Folk, Pop, Blues, Country, Grunge, Hard Rock; to name a few. If you are touched by the georgous sounds produced by an Acoustic guitar, and want to start learning, we have a perfectly structured Beginners couse for you to sink your teeth (or fingers) into. If you have been playing for quite some time, but want to add more depth  and sophistication to your playing, one of our mentors can guide you to your next level of Acoustic guitar mastery. 

Bass Guitar

Do you love the deep tone that Bass guitars achieve, and find yourself really dialling into the Bass groove of a song? We have a terrific, highly structured Bass Guitar course for Beginners to Intermediate levels of Playing.  Learn how to keep a groove, Slap/Pop techniques also are a must as a Bass Guitarist. Music Theory is also essential. This is what we offer to any aspiring Bass Guitarist.


With terrific songs like "Hey Soul Sister" by Train, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwio'ole,"Riptide" by Vance Joy (along with many other great Ukulele  tunes), how could we possibly not include Ukulele lessons?
Our trained staff all know their way around a Uke and will be all too happy to pass their knowledge onto any aspiring Ukulele players.


Piano is a terrific, well laid out instrument that every musician, being a guitarist or even percussionist should learn. Some of the best songs ever, have been written on a piano. 
Teachers at Ginnys Guitar Lab also enjoy applying our well structured Music Course to Piano Training. We are happy to offer Piano lessons to the Beginners to intermediate players.

 At Ginnys Guitar lab our Highly trained Music Teachers, follow a Structured, proven method, that enables each student  to play their instrument with a high level of skill and technique, within a very short amount of time.  
Ginnys Guitar Lab Conducts lessons in a professional Studio environment located in Burleigh Heads Qld.